A small particle with great effects.

The world is continuously developing further. Companies are, time and again, faced with new challenges regarding the manufacturing of plastics and look for new solutions. The time has come for a versatile, high-quality and at the same time resource-preserving plastic. For Systalen. The innovative recyclate that is simply capable of more with its compounded granules. In injection moulding and extrusion. With numerous options that recyclates, up to now, were not able to fulfil and which more than enable a utilisation in areas of application previously not known.

Profit from the advantages: Systalen is environmentally friendly, optimising the reputation and the consumer acceptance of your company. The quality-driven process chain protects you four-fold: from the quality in the collection of recyclable materials to the quality of the sorting, the constantly high quality in the manufacturing process, all the way to the quality of the customer-specific Systalen solutions.

With Systalen, you are using a high-quality product whose tailored formulas fit in with the specific production of your company. With application-oriented technological consulting and process support by experts who know what, in particular, is important in your case. Plus, you can also count on the availability at any time. Systalen is always available in sufficient quantities. On time and wherever you want it.

Behind Systalen there is Der Grüne Punkt with all its opportunities, expertise and experience of the guiding intellectual force of the recycling industry. With innumerable options that can be offered nation-wide, even on a large scale.

Let us surprise you with what Systalen, the new brand in the recyclate market, is offering and what it can also achieve at your company. Shape the future. With Systalen and our expertise.


Quality recyclate made by high-tech.

Der Grüne Punkt has established industry-wide recognised standards that even make the utilisation of raw materials from post consumer collections possible in the first place. For the production of Systalen, we utilise plastics of a type that are selected based on the product specifications which Der Grüne Punkt specifies and monitors: continuous follow-up examinations by our inspection team assure the high quality.

At different stages, foreign substances are filtered out of the source materials, subsequently the washed flakes are melted in the extruder, de-gassed and micro filtered and targetedly processed, with additives, into Systalen granules. Upon request, we can create an even finer, ever better processed product by means of underwater granulation.

Test extruder.
Retained samples.
Systalen granule.

But Systalen can still do a lot more. With its constant developments, the Technical Shop for Plastics Technology in Cologne makes new options for applications and innovations possible. From pipes to facade linings, all the way to capsule layers and sustainable cleaning agent bottles, to name but a few of the utilisation options. As such, Systalen can be used in highly sophisticated areas of application already today. For this, your tailor-made product gets to you directly from one of our production facilities in Germany. To the location agreed upon with you, at the agreed upon time.

Utilisation options

There are hundreds of areas of application. And one especially for you.

We can implement what you have set your mind on. With Systalen, the modern recyclate that is based on our quality-driven process chain and thereby the raw material of choice for many plastics applications in numerous industries. This starts with finished products for structural and civil engineering, landscape work, traffic engineering and logistics. And continues in the future with solutions for the consumer goods industry all the way to solutions for automotive manufacturers and many others. Systalen offers options and innovations. For simple product just as well as for high quality applications.

Currently, Systalen is being utilised for drainage pipes, profiles, palettes, cable protection ducts and sewer pipes as well as for moulded parts, lawn grids, buckets, collapsible plastic storage boxes, gutters, battery boxes, for cable covers, construction buckets, composite aluminium panels, facade linings, transport boxes, paint buckets, and quite a few things more. Thanks to the micro granule, even large bodies such as tanks can easily be manufactured from Systalen.

Application options for Systalen are constantly being enhanced.

And that is, by far, not all. We are conducting research regarding bottles made of Systalen for cleaning agents and detergents or for products such as shampoos, shower gels, and, and, and. Share in the progress that Systalen makes possible. Our Technical Shop for Plastics Technology is constantly working on it. On your individual solution, too.

Security of supply

The quantities we deliver are guided by a straightforward principle.

The demand for recycling products is increasing more and more. The aspect of sustainability, the energy balance and, last but not least, the consumer demand for environmental and resource preservation causes a rethinking at more and more companies. It does help enormously that the new Systalen quality also makes applications with higher requirements possible.

In addition to optimal quality, the topic of guaranteeing the security of supplies is at the very top of the wish-list of companies and is a certainty with us. Because with Systalen you are counting on the broad shoulders of the group with Der Grüne Punkt and on a resilient raw material base. Which means on quantities delivered that at any time correspond to what you need for your production.

Control engineering.
Agglomerate production.

Systalen is being produced at two locations. Each location is technically mature and manufactures tailored Systalen products at your request. The redundancy of our locations ensure the constant supply. You can count on that.


Our certificates provide you with even more opportunities.

You can always rely on Systalen. In addition to the certifications, our state-of-the-art processes are also guarantors for the high quality of the recyclates. We utilise a quality and environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and EN ISO 14001 : 2004 + cor. 1 : 2009. You, too, will profit from our certification in accordance with EUCert with external visibility. Because this way you can apply for the Blue Angel for plastics products manufactured from Systalen. The certificate regarding the origin and composition of the Systalen granules and compounds accordingly confirms the transparency of the whole supply chain for the manufacturing of finished products made of plastics. 

Our production, our processes, and our locations are inspected at many spots. Nevertheless, we constantly develop further in order to provide you with even more options.


The brand of unlimited options.

Systalen is the new brand that closes the raw materials cycle in the plastics industry. Completely and sustainably. The recyclate made of 100 % post-consumer raw materials has been developed by Der Grüne Punkt as a product full of promise for the future exactly for this. Comprehensive investments into the Systalen brand, into the manufacturing of the different products, locations, in research and development make it a safe component for all companies that are aligning themselves for the future. Count on Systalen to already today design the world of tomorrow with this strong brand. With all the opportunities that Systalen has to offer.

Process water treatment.
Finished granule.
Colour options.