Our products all have one thing in common.

Those who have made constantly high quality their mission have to start all the way at the beginning of the process. As such, the prerequisites for this can only be fulfilled by those who control the whole value-added chain themselves. Such as Der Grüne Punkt. Because we already base the selection of the source materials for Systalen, which are sorted, inspected and further processed in accordance with defined specifications, on demanding quality metrics.

We ensure the high quality in the manufacturing process via continuous process optimisation as well as application engineering and development. In this, your production and your processes stipulate which properties our Systalen granule must feature; accordingly, we implement an application-specific, tailored formula. Material properties such as colour, MFI factor, surface effects, and many others are adjusted exactly to your wishes at our Technical Shop for Plastics Technology.

As such, Systalen - as plastics recyclate - is the material of choice with constantly high quality and all options to further develop the world, for various industries and companies. Certainly, for your company, too.

By the way: Thanks to the certification in accordance EUCert, users can apply for the "Blue Angel" for finished products made of Systalen. A logo that is understood also by consumers in the sense of sustainability and high quality.


Systalen granules.

Consistently high quality makes the tailored Systalen granules a raw material that provides innumerable options for injection moulding and extrusion. Also for us in high-quality applications.

On our data sheets, you can see the material properties of the existing granules. We will also gladly provide you with your individual solution. To do so, please contact us.


Systalen agglomerates.

Systalen agglomerates provide you with many options. For more sustainability and new products that move your company forward.

The data sheets provide you with an insight into the specific product parameters.


Systalen regrinds.

Systalen regrinds provide numerous application options for the manufacturing of efficient plastics products. From the source material to semi-finished products, our continuous quality assurance ensures high-quality properties.

Here, you find the data sheets with the specific product parameters.


In addition, Systalen is available in many other colours.

The world must become greener. And more colourful at the same time. It's good that Systalen can do both. As a sustainable product, it preserves resources and does - technologically state-of-the-art - make the plastics-processing industry more attractive. Even with respect to colour. Because in addition to its current portfolio, Systalen provides you with a lot more colouring options. Our Technical Shop for Plastics Technology implements just that – and more. 


Chrome green (RAL 6020)

Emerald green (RAL 6001)

Orange brown (RAL 8023)

Sky-blue (RAL 5015)

Silver-grey (RAL 7001)

Blue-grey (RAL 7031)

Signal black (RAL 9004)