The guiding intellectual force of the recycling industry stands behind Systalen.

Unique expertise and groundbreaking innovations from 25 years of recycling industry are bundled in Systalen, the product full of promise for the future by our group of companies oriented towards sustainability. Because Systalen is a brand of Der Grüne Punkt and is building upon the wealth of experience and expertise of the guiding intellectual force of the recycling industry.

With Der Grüne Punkt, the first dual system was established in Germany in 1990. Since 1991, it has been accepting back used retail packaging as the first dual system worldwide, recycles it, and then recovers raw materials for the commercial cycle from them. This way, Der Grüne Punkt did not only become the market leader in Germany but also the largest dual system worldwide.

As a product of our group, Systalen has significant access to the raw materials and corresponding influence on the quality of the source material. With this advantage, with Systalen, you can also optimally cater to higher quality application needs.



Exhaust air purification.
Systalen granule.
Extruder for modern compound manufacturing.

Together with our services, the consulting offered, the processes, the experience, and the expertise of Der Grüne Punkt Group, a portfolio is awaiting you at Systalen that ranges from tailored solutions to specific process support. This way, you optimise your production, protect the environment, and design efficient processes. In other words: you produce more sustainably.




Always there for you. With experience and expertise.

Individuality included. This is how you receive Systalen, the modern recyclate, that we manufacture – tailored to you. Behind this is a seasoned team of technicians, engineers and developers who know what is important in each and every production. In yours, too. Our skilled sales team is always there for your questions and provides the bridge to our engineering:

Managing Director

Dr. Markus Helftewes
+49 2203 937 129



Sales Systalen in the regions,
National and International

Tadeus Ungefug
North and East Germany
East Europe
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Sebastian Gelhaus
Benelux countries , Scandinavian countries
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Martin Werner
West Germany
+49 2203 937 173



Jean-Christophe Geiger
+33 3 86 46 09 42



Jürgen Goldes
South Germany
South Europe
+49 2203 937 259



Michael Gibler
Non-European Union countries
+49 2203 937 148




Application and production technology

Thorsten Weber
+49 2203 937 463


Customer Service

Heike Jacobs
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Ursula Klag
+49 2203 937 783


Production sites

Two production sites for the security.

Eisfeld and Hörstel. Those are our production locations for Systalen, which process more than 90,000 tons of raw materials per year. Here, Systalen granules, compounds, regrinds made of PP, HDPE, LDPE as well as agglomerates are manufactured. As sustainable recyclate with numerous areas of application. The redundancy of the systems, in this, allows a reliable planning with sufficient quantities for you. You can be sure about that.

Eisfeld site.
Hörstel site.
Technical Shop

At the Technical Shop for Plastics Technology we don’t just face many challenges – we master them.

In Cologne, we are developing the future ... every day. Because in the Technical Shop for Plastics Technology established here, we constantly expand the options of Systalen in order to develop tailored granules based on individual customer requirements. Through the addition of additives, via homogenisation and filtration, we are creating new, innovative plastics. Regular series of tests provide exact information for this regarding parameters such as moisture content, rheological properties, inorganic residues, volatile components, or even RAL colours. You can test the recyclate thus created and inspected this way directly in your production, utilising the help of our experts. It is only after a successful test that the formulas go into series production at our production locations.

Those carrying out such costly development do, of course, also need perfect prerequisites. For this, the Technical Shop for Plastics Technology is equipped with multiple extruders, a film blowing system, an injection moulding machine, and the most state-of-the-art laboratory technology for the measurement of the physical properties of Systalen. In addition, all tested formulas, all series of measurements and result are captured with the help of the most up-to-date data processing. This way, we can retrace which conditions were critical for a test result at any time.

The quality and application options of Systalen achieve in this way a hitherto unknown dimension. The integration of your products and processes for the development of your tailored Systalen material is also unique. This way, we are creating the prerequisites so that the future at your company can already start today, too.

Product quality testing.
Measurement of physical properties.
Test extruder.